Tahan(an) aims to show and tell how it’s like to have an open communication between parents and their children, which helps them develop a healthier parent-child relationship and mental health.

It is mostly for the teenagers and parents, aging from 13 to 60 years old who are Filipino regardless of social class standing and gender, with the parents and future parents being the primary audience and the children being the secondary audience.


Authoritative parents treat their children with high demandingness and responsiveness. They set high expectations for the achievement and maturity of their children while being warm and responsive at the same time. This kind of parenting is also known as the democratic parenting style.


Authoritarian parents treat their children with high demandingness and low responsiveness. They have strict rules and orders which limit them to only have one-way communication with their children. They use stern discipline and harsh punishments as a way to obtain behavioral control over their children.


Permissive parents treat their children with low demandingness and high responsiveness. They set boundaries and few rules but are hesitant to enforce rules since they do not want to disappoint their children.


Neglectful parents treat their children with low demandingness and low responsiveness. They are uninvolved in their children’s lives and they may have had mental issues when they were a kid.


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Mother, is it okay if I talk to you about school? I'm currently having difficulties focusing on my studies. I believe it would be great if I take a break for a bit.


All you have to do is study! How hard can that be? You barely do household chores, you have no work, and you just need to read and answer. Stop being so dramatic.


Academics isn't that easy! How would you know? All you do is work and work in that low-paying job of yours. For once in your life, can you be open-minded and empathize rather than seeing the world only through your eyes?